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Sustainable solutions international, llc.


Packaging & Printing

Anilox Cleaning System

High quality, eco-friendly, operator safe, anilox cleaning system that dramatically decreases machine downtime, increases board throughput and generates a hefty ROI.


Wood Replacement

This ergonimic, non-hydroscopic, renewable wood replacement is approximately 50% lighter than wood.


World Class Products.

Developing and standardizing eco-friendly, renewable products, dramatically improving systems and processes while focusing on safety and increasing your ROI.

Addressing the challenges in today’s landscape, providing real products, and real solutions that make a difference, enhancing quality and production.


Flexi-Lox™ Anilox Cleaning System 


Eco-EZBack™ corrugated mounting material. (COMING SOON!!!)


PVC Replacement  (COMING SOON!!!)


RENUboard™ wood replacement for die-cutting, specialty crating and freight, site signs and construction. (COMING SOON!!!)


Anilox Cleaning System

Revolutionary anilox cleaning system! 
No more dry ice, soda blasting
or manual scrubbing!
Proven to be an incredible weekly PM program that provides superior, consistent, deep cleaning results.


Corrugated Mounting Material

Soy blend cushion mounting material engineered to reduce mounting time, along with providing a long life mounting base for affixing printing plates.

PVC Replacement


 This new technology is fully renewable, bio-degradable, very flexible and lends to
reducing plate lift.


“Better than Wood”

This unbeatable wood replacement is made from recycled carpet fibers,
is laser engrave-able, lays flat
and non warping. 

Incredible. Innovative. Creative.

Gerald Mounsey

Gerald Mounsey, President of Sustainable Solutions International, LLC (SSI), is a true innovator, a pure visionary, who adores making people’s lives better.  

Over the years, Mounsey has used his extensive background in the flexographic, corrugated, and construction fields, creating sustainable products to market.

Mounsey is dedicated to developing revolutionary, eco-friendly products that make the world a better place.

His intuitive ideas and partnerships with his incredible team, bringing these products to life, is nothing short of outstanding. 

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